Welcome to The Educated Employer: Employment Tips and Legal Updates for School Districts, Higher Ed, and Beyond!

Welcome to Thompson & Horton’s newest blog: The Educated Employer.  With decades of collective experience representing school districts, colleges, universities, and other public and private entities, our Employment Law team will help you navigate the issues that employers face on a daily basis, including all of the unique employment questions that arise in the education context.

Stay tuned for timely and important employment tips and legal updates to ensure that you are an Educated Employer!  Also, be sure to follow Thompson & Horton on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In so that you can keep up with our latest posts.  We will soon be posting updates on EEOC charge statistics, Texas Education Agency commissioner’s decisions, ADA and TDL leave abuse, and a variety of ongoing accommodation issues, all of which you won’t want to miss.