Employment disputes and lawsuits remain a major concern for both private and public employers. Employers must continually update their policies, contracts, and training programs. Thompson & Horton’s employment practice encompasses three main areas of focus: prevention of discrimination, harassment, and other legal claims; defending against claims filed with EEOC; and litigating claims throughout any administrative process and in court.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in all facets of employment law and expertise in navigating all stages of the employment relationship including:

  • the hiring and recruiting process
  • the discipline and dismissal process
  • the employee grievance process
  • policy, ordinance, and handbook development
  • employment contract preparation
  • staff and supervisor training
  • tenure and academic freedom
  • Fair Labor Standards Act and Family Medical Leave Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII
  • free speech, religion, due process, and search and seizure disputes
  • interpretation of Internal Revenue Service and Teacher Retirement System regulations
  • teaching credentials, certificates, and licensing issues
  • nonrenewal hearings under Chapter 21 of the Texas Education Code

We advise administrators and board members on the status of the law, alternatives available, and associated risks. Our philosophy is to provide school districts with the maximum flexibility in making decisions so they can best fulfill their mission.

Thompson & Horton attorneys understand that clients regularly confront difficult and sensitive workplace issues. These situations involve not only complex legal questions but also delicate political and social issues that may draw public and media interest and scrutiny. Effective resolution of these matters requires legal skill as well as the experience and judgment that our attorneys bring to investigating workplace issues and counseling clients.

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